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The CCCSFAAA “Buzz” is a publication of the California Community Colleges Student Financial Aid Administrators Association. The blog will deliver the latest news/information and will serve as a great interactive resource for the CCCSFAAA community.

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  1. Dear Colleagues,

    On behalf of CCCSFAAA, I attended the California Student Aid Commission meeting yesterday and the Commissioners approved an action to allow CSAC to withdraw 2014-2015 awards for unpaid Competitive Cal Grant students who do not have a code posted in Web Grant’s by Dec 10, 2014. The CSAC staff indicated we have 12,000 students that do not have a code posted within the California Community Colleges system.

    After speaking with my Web Grant Specialists here at Sierra College, she indicated that our own roster has about 2100 students on it that need some sort of action. Of this amount she has 215 students who need to update their high school graduation date. As you know we can’t code a student with any type of status until they update their graduation date. She plans to code the remaining students that she is unable to pay as “file incomplete”. File incomplete also generates additional communication from CSAC to the student. We also send email reminders to our students twice a month about any missing requirements for federal or state aid. Just like you, we hope our students will respond.

    As I type, my Student Ambassadors are calling students who need to update their high school graduation date. So far the responses they are receiving is high praise for the call for the additional help they needed to complete the process. My Student Ambassadors feel valued and appreciated when this happens.

    I hope our example of what we are doing will provide you with some ideas to help manage the students on your rosters. Please work your roster before their award is withdrawn and given to another student by Dec 10, 2014. CSAC has a statutory maximum number of 22,500 students that may be paid. This is why they with withdraw awards before picking another cohort of equally needed students to send award letters to.

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